Mark Graafland, architect / director (1969)

Mark Graafland studied architecture at Delft Polytechnical University, with a specialisation in urban design.

After his graduation in 1994, he founded his own architecture firm in The Hague, for which he received two supporting grants of the Dutch Fund for Art, Design and Architecture. Since 2001, the office is known under the name of Bureau Kroner - architecture, urbanism and scenography.


Mark Graafland has designed and built many projects in his career, varying in scale from residential to urban planning projects. Mark's work is best characterised by his relation to the client; his designs are always based on an open communication with the client, as well as all other parties involved in the process. He believes in an inventive and open attitude towards architecture, and characterises his designs as essential and contextual.


"I consider the existing context to be an inexhaustable inspiration for new creations."

Solita Stucken, designer / director (1969)

After her studies in architecture at Delft Polytechnical University, Solita Stucken took a post-doctoral course in scenography at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague.

Subsequently she worked for twelve years as a stage designer, creating theatrical sceneries and costumes for various theatre and opera productions in the Netherlands and Germany. She has always combined working for theatrical projects with her work for Bureau Kroner, of which she was a co-founder in 2001.


Since 2005 her contribution to the organisational aspects of Bureau Kroner has intensified, and she chose to focus on that, saying goodbye to the theatre for the time being.

For Bureau Kroner, she is responsible for publicity, the conceptual content of the projects, and also special, more theatrically inclined interior designs. With her extensive experience in dramatic design, she shows a refined intuition for conceptual atmosphere and style.


"For me, a space only really comes to life if it triggers the imagination."


Jeroen van Wieren, architect (1971)

Jaap Mittelhaeuser, architect (1979)

Rick van Vliet, architect (1987)

Brim Vermeulen, architect (1988)

Timo van de Ven, architect (1990)

Cristian de Bolster, architect (1986)

Matthijs Stinissen, architect (1982)

Raimond Scheijen, architectural draughtsman (1973)

Emma van Asselt, assistant designer (1993)

Mandy Ham, assistant designer (1994)

Emma ten Bosch, assistant designer (1993)

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