This design was the winning entry for a competition initiated by the municipality of Delft and design association DelftDesign.

For this peculiar location, comprised of an existing canal house and the adjacent plot measuring only a couple of metres in width, Bureau Kroner designed a new structure combined with the renovation of the old house. The new structure is a basic warehouse shape, completely constructed out of glass and wood.



Part of the concept was the proposal to use the new building as a restaurant / winebar, to give this strategic location, on the edge of the new theatre-district in Delft the much needed sparkle.

To accentuate this, the interior is designed to radiate outwards through the latticework of the elevation, adding to the theatricality at night.



The old and new structures are connected to each other by various openings created in the former outer wall of the old house. The rough structure of this wall stays visible in the interior, and is painted a metallic bronze.


For the interior, Bureau Kroner designed a theatrical colour scheme, special furniture, and an effective lighting concept.



Achterom 159-165, Delft


Design for a restaurant / winebar in the centre of Delft


Client: W. Meyer Beheer b.v.

Building contractor: Bakels en Ouwerkerk Bouw, The Hague


Competition entry in collaboration with: Panagro, developer, Leidschendam and Vidomes, corporation, Delft


Design / building preparation: 2004 - 2008

Completed: oktober 2009


Project team Bureau Kroner: Mark Graafland, Patrick Willemsen, Jeroen van Wieren, Solita Stucken, Emrah Sönmez, Emma Tanis



Bureau Kroner architects - Binckhorstlaan 299, 2516 BC The Hague, The Netherlands