This is the winning design for an architecture competition, initiated by the municipality of The Hague, for a location of a demolished printing facility.

A new elevation completes the row of existing housing as one unity, but with respect for the separate character of the individual houses. The interior of the dwellings is highly flexible and adaptable by the occupants; extra space can be added on the ground floor, which can be used as working space or a garage.



Four houses built with a largely prefabricated building system, developed specifically for inner city urban situations as this. Bureau Kroner conceived of this construction system, in cooperation with the building company, in order to create an effective solution for the problems usually encountered in building on sites in the historical centres of modern cities.



With this method, building time is considerably reduced, and the building site can be confined to a much smaller space. Therefore, the hindrance to the adjacent houses, the traffic situation, and the strain on often delicate construction circumstances can be reduced to a minimum.


This initiative has been selected as a demonstration project by the Dutch Foundation for industrial, flexible and dismountable building.



4 Houses in The Hague on the location of a former printing factory. Winning design in a competition initiated by the municipality of The Hague.


Client: Panagro Vastgoedontwikkeling b.v., developer

Building contractor: Panagro Aannemingmaatschappij b.v.


Design / building preparation: 2005 - 2008

Completed: december 2008


Project team: Mark Graafland, Jeroen van Wieren

Bureau Kroner architects - Binckhorstlaan 299, 2516 BC The Hague, The Netherlands