Welcome to the English synopsis of the website of Bureau Kroner.

Bureau Kroner is a Dutch architectural firm situated in the centre of The Hague. The office was founded in 2001 by Mark Graafland, Solita Stucken and Henk Ovink, uniting a variety of design disciplines, from architecture to urbanism, to interior design and theatre design.


Our attitude towards our projects is based on careful research, transparent design and a decisive working method in all stages of the building process. The essence of our relationship with our clients is best characterised in our credo:

Bureau Kroner listens,

and helps you finding effective solutions

In that way, we provide new insights and strategies for the projects we develop together with our clients, offering an open and interpretative approach, and translating their ideas into innovative architectural design and functionality that fits their needs.

Bureau Kroner architects

Spijkermakersstraat 101

2512 ET The Hague

The Netherlands




tel. +31 70 3020735

Please feel free to contact us for your building design, interior design, renovation or transformation plans or master planning needs.

We are glad to help you find effective, inventive and elegant solutions, and commit ourselves to translating your ideas and wishes into architecture with character and quality.

Bureau Kroner architects - Spijkermakersstraat 101, 2512 ET The Hague, The Netherlands